Smart Motorways CALibration and Optimisation Toolkit

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The Smart Motorways Calibration and Optimisation (CALO) Toolkit has been developed by TRL on behalf of the Highways England. It is an analysis tool for supporting the optimisation of Smart and Controlled Motorways systems on England’s strategic road network. It uses live data feeds from the MIDAS GOLD server and HALOGEN, and is dependent on the continued provision of traffic and signal data from these sources.

Guidance around the use of the tool and the wider optimisation process is available in MCH 2584 Guidance for the calibration and optimisation of Smart Motorway systems. This can be downloaded at

Context specific help files can be accessed on each page of the toolkit. Click here to download the help files collated into a single document. For further queries regarding this website, please email

A training video covering the functionality of the download tool is available below.

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